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Mortgage Calculators

Try out these mortgage calculators to see what your monthly payment would look like for a certain mortgage amount with various interest rates, rate terms and amortizations!


Choose between different payment frequencies that align with your income payments, like monthly, bi-weekly, bi-weekly accelerated, weekly, weekly accelerated, and semi-monthly.

Choose between fixed and variable interest rates.

Try different interest rate options (reach out if you would like to know what the current lowest interest rates are).

Choose the standard 25 year amortization, or try a shorter or longer amortization to see how it affects the mortgage payments.

Use the purchase calculator if you have a home in mind you want to run numbers for. You can play around with different down payment amounts (the minimum down payment amount is 5% for owner occupied and 20% for straight rentals).

There is even an option to add in property expenses and rental income if you are looking at income properties.

Once you have that you can even get an estimate on closing costs and land transfer tax (in New Brunswick the land transfer tax is 1% of the purchase price.

These are great tools to help you get an idea of what the cost of buying will be!

Want these mortgage calculators and more on your phone?

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